Managed Print Solutions

Why use our managed print solution?

Far from reducing the amount of paper used for print, the proliferation of email has significantly increased print output. Document print costs typically eat up to 3% of a business’s turnover, with document lifecycle costs accounting for up to 15% of total revenue.

However, technology consultancy Gartner estimates that nine out of ten companies are either unaware of or simply underestimate their document print costs and the associated time burden on staff.

Outsource your office systems to us and we’ll work to improve the overall efficiency of your existing products and, where necessary, introduce new technology. With minimal capital spending, we can realistically expect to boost your systems’ performance and cut your print costs by up to a third.

As a specialist managed print solutions (MPS) provider, we’ll work with you to audit, optimise and manage your print infrastructure so you have the most appropriate devices and configuration to handle your everyday printing needs.

This will not only cut waste and energy consumption – and thereby reduce your environmental impact and improve your sustainability credentials. It will also dramatically cut your costs.

We’ll start by auditing your current systems and usage to generate total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) data. Then, our experts can show you how this would compare if you used the latest scanning and print technology.

Working with you, we can develop the most effective, environmentally-sustainable printer fleet implementation for your company, and show you how it can be integrated into your network infrastructure.

Once in place, we’ll provide you with industry-leading document-control solutions that can log every print and scanning job across your organisation by user, colour, page size, print run and finishing options.

By bringing transparency to your print activity, we can typically help you realise company-wide savings of between 30% and 40% on your unmanaged print demands.

The key points of our service are:

  • We’ll cut the cost of your print and consumables, energy consumption and waste – which can account for 3% of your annual turnover.

  • We’ll retain your existing devices, where appropriate, to minimise capital expenditure and the impact of change on your organisation.

  • We’ll increase productivity by keeping your devices up to date and ensuring your staff use the new features effectively.

  • We’ll maintain and improve document security.