Print Audit Software

United Technologies UK Ltd specialise in print audit solutions including four of the main software contenders Canon’s Uniflow, Equitrac, Print Audit and Papercut. Many clients from the small to very large could benefit from a print audit solution and we are experts in spotting those customers and we provide free scoping meetings and report that will give a clear indication to the client of the huge benefits involved.


Key Points:

  • Modular and configurable software allows the solution to be adapted to each customer’s particular requirements.
  • Huge print cost savings by redirecting print jobs to more economical print or MFD devices
  • Staff awareness of print costs by informing them of the actual cost to print a job before they press ok, makes them consider if they really do need to print a document.
  • Due to staff usage visibility by management they will also consider how much and what they print.
  • For companies like Solicitors and Architects recharging of costs is essential and our software solution will not only capture all print and copy volumes but will also squirt that information seamlessly into their accounts package. You can even account and recharge for scanning costs, usage of Lever Arch files or any other print related costs in completing a job for a client.
  • Security – print jobs can be sent with password protect to ensure confidentiality
  • Detailed reporting allows you to asses the effectiveness of your output devices, keep an eye on users usage or mis-usage, analyse costs for recharging to clients or departments/cost centres.
  • Printer management tools allows you to monitor your printers – counter totals, send notifications via email of paper jam, door open, out of toner etc
  • Job ticketing allows staff to send instructions to a print room in regards to the requirements of each job being sent.
  • Versatile integration of software with various identification devices such as most identification cards, finger print sensor, magnetic card readers, tag tracers and alpha/numeric copy code counters.

If you want some idea of the savings we can make for your business, we can install some print audit software to monitor your company’s current printer fleet usage, and then provide a report and proposal on how what savings and improvements can be made. Just think how these solutions could benefit your company’s bottom line, and allow you to painlessly remove costs to write profits back in.